Bootsplash and Plymouth themes for Manjaro

Hey guys pls feel free to try it and tell me what you think:

There's even a package on the releases tab for those of you who are brave enough :slightly_smiling_face:

I like it more and more but that's because I've spent some time making it :upside_down_face:

Big thanks to @muser for his wonderful work.

UPD: I have decided to cease the work on bootsplash themes since bootsplash doesn't support encryption well, and it cannot be used with quiet option.

UPD: I moved to Plymouth themes like this one:

There you will find a couple of other themes.


nice :slight_smile:



It actually stops when it's getting green in order to avoid looping :slight_smile:
For my machine it does this right before SDDM being loaded so it's just awesome.


I will be giving this a look. It looks like it will add a little "spice" to the bootsplash. Great job.

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Thank you. Actually I'm in the middle of making another one, less fancy but more "official" and with support of bgrt logo, if present. Will post today I hope.


I look forward to seeing it and giving it a spin.

Grab it:
This one feels very "official", I guess it could be a nice substitution for one named "bootsplash-theme-manjaro" which is currently in our repos :upside_down_face:
PS: prebuilt package is on the Releases tab for your convenience.
[this name is even more stupid but I cannot name it Manjaro, can I?]


I will give it a go later this evening and let you know what I think. Thanks!

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@openminded I really like it. Unfortunately when I boot my laptop, the splash screen is at a low resolution and then it switches to a 1080p resolution. So I do not get to see for very long. Someday I will have to figure out why it does that.


I thing you need your videoinfo from screen.

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@SGS Thank you! I was just looking at that post. I am going to have to read it a couple of time before I totally understand it.

at grub menu, hit C and at the prompt enter videoinfo

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@SGS knows what he's talking about :wink:

And you could just look in the end of README.

My preferred way is to set a proper module in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and create a UEFI boot option in order to load Linux kernel with preferred options without any bootloader (grub especially) layer.


@SGS and @openminded Thank you both for leading to the solution. The reason why I took so long to reply, is that I was looking at the problem. It is now fixed and the bootsplash stays at on resolution throughout the whole boot. I really like the look of the theme, now that I can see the whole screen. It has become now become my default bootsplash.

One question though. What does the "MI" in the middle of the screen mean?

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Lol. Sorry. It shouldn't be there! That's my OEM logo. I guess I need to alter the script a little. I am going to do it tomorrow.

@openminded No problem, just let me know when you change it and I will gladly test it for you. By the way, I used the bootsplash-theme-bgrt-manjario-0.1-5-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz release package. Was the release supposed to edit my grub and mkinitcpio.conf files? If so, it did not. I had to edit them manually. That was not a problem since my install was done with Manjaro Architect and I had to add the bootsplash manually.

Thank you again for the hard work.

Ah, dammit, I've shared a package that was built on my laptop so it has my vendor logo :joy: In order to have yours, you have to follow readme: clone repo, run makepkg, install it, because bgrt is dumped during the process of package building.

@openminded No worries. I have bookmarked the repo so I can view the readme tomorrow when I am more awake. Would it be possible to add a generic logo instead of the "MI"? Maybe one of the round Manjaro logos that @SGS has done.

Thank you again for your hard work. As I said before, I am willing to help test things out. Since I do not know how to code, it is one of the few ways I can help.

Well, as I said, the proper procedure is to follow repo's readme steps. That results in the same splash but with your own logo (like Lenovo, Dell, etc, depending on the vendor of your laptop/motherboard). Now the theme configured in a way that in case if user's PC BIOS has no brand logo, the resulting splash will have a blank black spot in the middle. Given the fact that the whole background is set to black, it won't be visible. So when no bgrt is present, the splash will consist of animation and Manjaro branding only.

No worries, I will try out the instructions tomorrow. I have an Asus Laptop. The "vendor" bootsplash theme from the Manjaro repo would never show the Asus logo. I will give it a try and let you know what happens tomorrow.

Thanks again.

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