Bootsplash in Manjaro-Tools

I want to build my own Manjaro ISO with Bootsplash Screen enabled by default.
Bootsplash is simple and better than Plymouth, my opinion. Bootsplash is not enabled during the boot process if I don't edit and update grub and mkinitcpio.
I know how to edit grub and mkinitcpio configuration files in /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso//x86_64/desktopfs (also rootfs and livefs); but i don't know how to chroot these filesystems and do post-transaction hooks, (including sudo mkinitcpio -p linux, sudo update-grub, and so on).
Thank You!

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I have never had the need but I rekon this recipe will work

sudo chroot /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/openbox/x86_64/rootfs /usr/bin/bash

sorry but enabling bootsplash needs modified grub

as while installing with calamares
gets overwritten by calamares
so chrooting does nothing

it requires to mount /proc

I am not down in the low-level mechanics of the iso generation tool.

But you could look at the various libraries in /usr/lib/manjaro-tools.

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This could be helpful, i have also found another way, to modify the bootsplash package (post upgrade line) and create custom repository with this package.
Thanks for the help!

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