bootx64.efi Missing and Can't boot

I think that this has something to do with drivers as I just tried to update video drivers.

When I try to boot Manjaro, the HP logo comes up, flashes to black for a second and then goes back to the HP logo. When I tried to boot from EFI file all I saw was "grubx64.efi" I looked on the LiveUSB and saw bootx64.efi.

Is there any way to fix this, or do I have to reinstall Manjaro?

Give this a read.

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Unfortunately repairing the GRUB menu didn't work, and I decided to reinstall Manjaro.
Thank you for attempting to help and I apologize for creating another thread related to this issue. I couldn't find anything that could help with my issue when I searched but I guess I didn't search hard enough, haha.

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