Branch stable-staging, stable and brave

Somehow I missed the info about stable-staging, and searching the forum didn't cleared that up.
is stable-staging between stable and testing ? how much different is it from stable and testing ?

also pacman-mirrors -a -S stable-staging complains with:

sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip -a -S stable-staging
Version 4.16.3
pacman-mirrors [-h] [-f [NUMBER]] [-i [-d]] [-m METHOD] [--status]
[-c COUNTRY [COUNTRY...] | [--geoip] | [--continent]]
[-l] [-lc] [-q] [-t SECONDS] [-v] [-n]
[--api] [-S/-B BRANCH] [-p PREFIX]
[-P PROTO [PROTO...]] [-R] [-U URL]
pacman-mirrors: error: argument -S/-B/--set-branch: invalid choice: 'stable-staging' (choose from 'stable', 'stable-stating', 'testing', 'unstable')

and then:

sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip -a -S stable-stating
::INFO Branch in config is changed
.: ERROR: Invalid setting in /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
'Branch = stable-stating'; EXPECTED stable|testing|unstable|stable-staging

there seems to be some confusion between stable-staging and stable-stating !

final question, why is for example brave newer and being updated on stable but not on testing ? when in testing or unstable, it seems to use an older version and not be updated. is this normal ?

Thanks !

Yes. That's it.

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There is no such thing as 'stable-stating' .. you are typing it wrong. :wink:

Your other question probably has to do with your mirrors. But I guess its possible.

  • If you're a N00b or want a stable system: Take Stable
  • If you're a bit of a tinkerer and want the new stuff before the others but don't mind small stuff breaking every now and then: Take Staging (with a G :wink: )
  • If you're a Linux aficionado: Take Testing (but don't whine and complain if stuff breaks for a couple of hours / days depending on your mirror setup, please!)
  • If you're a hacker and developer and want to become member of the Manjaro Team: Take Testing and Stable on different partitions!

:innocent: :grin::+1:

P.S. Yes, I've seen mirrors that poll stable updates more often than unstable...

The problem with using pacman-mirrors to switch tp stable-staging has been addressed. Right now you can switch because of the type with "stable-stating".

-a, --api [-p PREFIX][-R][-S/-B|-G BRANCH][-P PROTO [PROTO ...]]
-S, -B, --set-branch {stable,stable-stating,testing,unstable}

And yes, stable-staging is between testing and stable. Read more here: [Stable-Staging Update] 2020-02-26 - Kernels, Mesa, LibreOffice, Pamac 9.4-rc, Blender 2.82, NetworkManager

thanks for the link.

yes, pacman-mirrors has that typoo with stable-stating, which doesn't let it change to stable-staging ( of course changing mirrorlist works ). is this bug reported ?

the point was that it wasn't me that was typing it wrong, but pacman-mirrors :slight_smile: look carefully :slight_smile:

Oh. I see now.

I am sorry for ever doubting you :wink:

(pacman-mirrors recently had a quick push .. like 12 hours ago .. to fix something, and yes .. I notice now some typos too, also in man page .. we can maybe ping @linux-aarhus then because its from them)

heh ... you do well in doubting random strangers in the internet ! :slight_smile:
Its very very very easy to miss, so don't take my previous reply as aggressive, i was just pointing out that bug :slight_smile:

thanks, i followed that tip and changed some mirrors.
the UK ones, seemed to have been syncked in less than 15 minutes, but still I got the same problem, which its actually brave-beta.

brave-beta testing: 1.4.91-1
brave-beta stable: 1.5.102-1

I'll DM the Manjaro Team for them to check at the source...

Then thats probably a candidate for

thanks guys ! super helpfull ! ( i am out of the loop at the proceedings on how to report bugs )

Stable staging was implemented to push updates from testing while waiting for others that aren't ready yet for stable branch like the Plasma 5.18.x packages.



It's apparently normal. I've been told:

stable , staging and unstable have brave updated. Not testing as we didn't do a snap there.

So for some or other reason (I'm not going to probe any further as the dev is a very busy guy) testing does not have brave updated, but IMHO you can still go to the AUR...



After --set-branch select your BRANCH stable,stable-stating,testing,unstable.

sudo pacman-mirrors --country Bulgaria Denmark Czech Germany France --api --set-branch unstable -P https && sudo pacman -Syyuu

That's it.

OK, I am going to try to explain so that this thread is resolved:

The problem was, already fixed, that there was a typoo in pacman-mirrors with stable-stating instead of stable-staging.
This was quickly fixed, so ... all is good ... can be closed !

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