Branded homepages are annoying

Is there really anyone that have the default "Manjaro" homepage as homepage for more than about 20 seconds after installing Manjaro? Or any other distro for that matter, MX does the same thing, as do others.

about:newtab ftw :slight_smile:

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Your "rant" is not clear. Are you annoyed over the Manjaro Hello screen that pops up in the distro, or the website homepage?

His about:newtab answered that.


I don’t ever use them but it doesn’t bother me to change. I get why it’s there.

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branding like that is pretty standard across most distros...

I use this aliased as "resethomepage" to change it quickly, "about:home" could be swapped with any desired url

sudo sed -i "s||about:home|1" /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini
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Thanks, I don't think that was there when I posted.

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you can simply remove the browser branding with pamac remove manjaro-browser-settings

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I still use it because of the links to the forum and the repo status pages are then easy to access.


i don't use it (I use my search engine homepage) but it doesn't bother me.

Nah they're not annoying. Just remove them if you don't like them

I discovered this forum for that reason and been sticking to it since then.

If I got the point raised by this topic, OS devs should work anonymously to help the topic's author profit a totally free experience whithout being bothered by a 2 clicks setup.

April's fool ?

By the way, I'm very happy to have the green launchpage, this helps viewers ask questions. When They ask, I convert :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife has had the same Manjaro install for 2 years now. Her default start page is still :slight_smile:
She just doesn't care that much what the first screen is. She knows what she's looking for.

First of all yes. Linux is both freeware and open source. So your argument doesn't work.

Second, i know how to change it, tho it is more than a two click setup.

Third, all i am saying is that it is annoying, just like any other kind of product information tend to be, commercial or not.
That's why i use adblocker, don't let any trackers thru and use a DNS that blocks redirecting.
Also why I never stream podcasts but download them first so i can skip ads.

Really interesting point of view.

(though I didn't get the point on freeware & open source)

If I get you, you live in a free world where software is free, where devs are not entilted to tell they produced it (it's obviously "bad") and where any form of advertising is bad, as it may be financing (evil).

From this I infer (personal logic) that you're a "free spirit".

Just in case, I'm thinking on ventures I cannot finance, I'd be glad to hire you for free (and totally anonymous) work.

Just tell !

[Edit] You'r right on "it's not two clicks" : if one knows about:preferences#home it's one click.

Fine, it's two clicks, but also typing.

AAANy way.
Yes, I too know that vendors need to advertise.

BUT I have zero moral obligation to actually give a hoot about that. It is not more morally bad for me to use an adblocker than it is to go take a leak during a TV commercial. Despite what webpages try to tell me. I have ZERO legal or moral obligation to actually watch an ad of any kind.

I mean true, if I disable my adblocker, they get data that tells their advertisers that I have looked at their ads, but that is FALSE data, because believe it or not, I either ignore it or click it away immediately (again, like TV commercials).

This aside, again, all I am saying is that having the product page set as a "hard default" is annoying. It would be LESS annoying if say they had a special Browser front page with a combination of Manjaro links, news and your most visited sites, for example. Then I would have no reason to switch page.

Same can be said about filling up the bookmark bar with default bookmarks. Yes, I get it. But between MX Linux, Manjaro, Firefox's own default bookmark bar bookmarks... That would be Nine bookmarks. That's 2 / 3 of the entire bookmark bar. Pass, I just clear them off.

Now, I don't know what can be done instead.
My suggestions would be, as I said before, an actual browser friendly start page ("portal", as we called it back in my days (the 90s)). The Manjaro homepage IS very good, from a business / organisation page standard, it is very good looking and everything is easy to find. But it is of absolutely zero use to me after I download the ISO and made my live USB.


I actually feel like the job that was supposed to be done by this homepage thing is accomplished quite well by Manjaro Hello. With that in mind I feel like it would not be unreasonable to at least demote to a bookmark.
[hell, that even opens up other possibilities ... (not that I'm suggesting this) .. didnt Mint get a bunch of money from yahoo to use them as their default search/homepage?]
But, as those of us who care 'wipe them all out' as mentioned by the poster before me, I dont much care on way or the other. And from what I can tell ... only a handful of people really do care at all.


Again, my big problem with this is not that it's THERE, it's that it's not useful in any way after you actually have installed the distribution. Again, it is a very good page, easy to find, professional, easy on the eyes... but also, again, waste of space as a homepage after you installed Manjaro.

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Could this so stupid and irrespectful thread be closed ?

What's the problem with that?
These 4 entries?
If there was google/Yahoo/Deutsche Bank/Trump it would be a reason to get upset.
But if you don't need it, you can delete it, unlike the bloatware on some smartphones.



now :slight_smile:

With "that" I assume bookmark bar bookmarks?
I know I can delete them, I wrote that I have deleted them. My point is that I bet 99% of people delete them from the bookmark bar.
Except the Forum one, because I use that one several times a day. It has earned it's place together with the MX Forum, Youtube, etc etc.

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