Brief introduction

Using Linux since kernel 0.97. Leading software development team in AI, specifically autonomous driving.
Familiar with RedHat, Fedora but mainly used Debian over the years.
Tried few weeks ago Manjaro. It is really a very polished distribution. Congratulations !


I was using kernel 1.2 with Suse.
Long time ago...

Oh, it seems that I'm much younger :slightly_smiling_face:
I'm not a developer but use Linux for years. I started using Linux since 2001, as my parents bought me a computer with a Celeron II 566MHz CPU. That was my first PC, and the legend company (lenovo) has released its first OS--happy linux in that year. I bought a copy of happy linux, and installed it on my computer.
In fact, I just wanted to try it at that time, but haven't realized that I would use linux for so many years. Linux is really amazing.

I was in school when I started in Germany. But I am sure you are younger. :slightly_smiling_face:

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