Broadcom Wi-Fi on macbook 4,1 not recognized after install

Do you seriously think everyone in the world owns the same Mac hardware with that one specific adapter as you do?

As you know so much about Broadcom adapters @Arkas , I guess I will not have to help you anymore on your Macbook installs. I've lost count on how many installs I'vd helped you with. You oviously know all there is to know now, so you will no longer be needing my assistence in the future thankfully.

Go to the links I posted if you want to know which is the correct driver for your Broadcom adapter. You don't need to believe me, the information is all there.

This is not personal. You've helped me tremendously, and last time it was with a broadcom driver on my Asus laptop, and you were correct.
But on the macbooks, it didn't quite work as expected. These are 10 year old machines that have very specific quirks.
I appreciate your advice and will still do so, regardless who's post you are answering to.
As a P.S.
Apple use very specific adapters on coded Macs. You will not find a 4,1 macbook with different wifi adapters, That's how Mac OS works, they wrap the OS to the HW, that's why it is so difficult to make Hackintosh PCs

Broadcom 4321:

  1. broacdom-xxx-wl driver (one for each kernel xxx version) or

  2. broadcom-wl-dkms driver (requires headers & is built for each kernel using DKMS)

...that's it for that hardware, anything else works LESS well.

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What's weird is that GNOME and XFCE worked with the 41x-broadcom-wl on this old 2007 iMac, but KDE was a different story. Uninstalling it made the wifi worked again.

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Yes, although I didn't try it with Gnome, it was a piece of cake with XFCE. EVen on KDE the live USB it works, so it must be using a driver that is correct (I am assuming a generic compatible driver) as removing all the broadcom drivers results in forcing the system to find one that works. Far from ideal, but it works.

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