Broken Bash termcaps

Hi there!
I am currently writing a shell in C and I am now aware of what termcaps are.
I noticed that my bash shell is broken, I mean the way it handle termcaps is broken.
I will try to get more explicit than I can.
If I write a line that exceeds the width size of the terminal, bash will not put the cursor on the new line but will erase the same line.
If I continue to write again till the end of the line it will then go on the next line.
I got a screenshot to show you.
The background left shell is mine (not broken, the cursor goes on the next line) and the others are bash.

Do you have an idea how can i fix it? Where does it come from?
I could use my shell but it is not already complete, I miss inhibitors, globing, job control and few other stuff...

Bash Version: 4.4
Patch Level: 12
Release Status: release

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