Broken Manjaro after removing gtk3-classic

I am completely new to linux.

I tried to remove title bar in firefox, and one of the remedies was to replace gtk3-classic with gtk3.
So instead of doing that I first removed gtk3-classic and broken manjaro. After powercycling the PC manjaro would not boot.

I managed to use live system and use chroot to get access and used pacman to install gtk3-classic again.

Unfortunately now when I try to boot I get stuck at “failed to start Light Display Manager” error message.

What do I do now?

boot from live media and chroot into your existing installation, then install gtk3 with pacman as normal

When you removed gtk3-classic, you also removed all the packages that depend on it. This should include your display manager, desktop and most of your gui apps. You need to reinstall all of them. Pacman log has the details. Easiest way to do this is the rollback option in pacui


Thank you.
I've tried rolling back in pacui but I had to select something wrong, as it didn't roll back all of the changes. I'll try again after getting some sleep and come back.


  1. Boot iso
  2. run manjaro-architect
  3. mount your partitions WITHOUT FORMATTING THEM
  4. install the same manjaro edition as you already have installed.
  5. exit and reboot.

This reinstalls all the packages that were included in your fresh manjaro installation.


Had another go and everything got reverted. Thank you so much @Chrysostomus :clap:

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You should have installed gtk3 instead of uninstalling gtk3-classic. It will ask to replace it.

I know, it's even written in the original post.

I don't think it's in the original post. You said you wanted to replace gtk3-classic so removed it. Then reverted the changes because you could not boot. So now you are back where you started.

You can either uninstall gtk3-classic then install gtk3 manually (without rebooting between). Or you can skip a step and install gtk3 and it will automatically ask you if you want to replace gtk3-classic.

This solves the original problem. You do not even need to reboot. Just log out after installing gtk3 then log back in.

Also, now is a good time to learn to use Timeshift (not that you will have any problem now that you know how to solve the issue). But for the future when you start playing around with something else. If you learn to use Timeshift correctly, this will be your first and last "broken install" thread.

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