brsaneconfig4 - opens window


I've been trying to configure my brother all in one (model: mfc-l2710DW). The printing part seems to be working for now,

I have more issues with the scanning part.

I installed brscan4 & brscan-skey. I used the following command to configure the scanner:

sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name:Brother model:MFC-L2710DW ip:

The only thing that appears to happen is that it opens an empty window with one okay and cancel button.

brsaneconfig4 -q

does exactly the same thing.

/opt/brother/scanner/brscan4/brsanenetdevice4.cfg appears to be empty.

What am I missing here?

Currently using Manjaro in the gnome-shell version. Do note that is has been quite a while I've used linux/arch, so I need to fresh up a lot of things.

Make sure you have the ip correct and try it more like this:

brsaneconfig4 -a name=Brother-MFC-L2710DW-series model="Brother MFC-L2710DW series" ip=

And if you havent already you may want to see this AUR package:

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