Bspwm & conky - kills mouse clicks in sxhkd

If I run conky I can no longer click to raise the mygtkmenu(s), I assume conky is taking over the root window. I have had a look at the, can see (sort of) what it does, but have no idea how to change it.

#With conky (no mouse clicks)
echo $(($(lsw | head -1)))

#Without conky (mouse works)
echo $(($(lsw | head -1)))

I suppose I could hard code it in the script, but thought I would ask here, if anyone can think of a better solution :smiley: (@Chrysostomus better tag you - again)

conky has got different window modes (or what are they called), have you tried them?

Do you mean own_window=true/false? Has to be true in bspwm or conky does not display.


if own_window is yes, you may specify type normal, desktop, dock, panel or override (default: normal). Desktop windows are special windows that have no window decorations; are always visible on your desktop; do not appear in your pager or taskbar; and are sticky across all workspaces. Panel windows reserve space along a desktop edge, just like panels and taskbars, preventing maximized windows from overlapping them. The edge is chosen based on the alignment option. Override windows are not under the control of the window manager. Hints are ignored. This type of window can be useful for certain situations.

Cant spot anything there...

I mean own_window_type desktop

Unrelated to your question: I use conky-cli to pipe its output into the limepanel. This way I'm always able to see the values which are being monitored.

Only desktop works.

That lsw command finds the window id of the root window. The double parenthesis around it converts it from hexadecimal to maybe decimal or something.

Just change that to get the window id of conky instead. You probably can't hard code it. You could test if conky is always on the certain line of the lsw output, in which case you could do

 rootwindowid=$(($(lsw | head -5 | tail -1)))

Replacing 5 with the correct line.

Alternatively you can search for the window id based on the name with xdotool.


Cheers Matti

rootwindowid=$(($(lsw | head -2 | tail -1)))



You might want to test it a few times restarting x.

will do, as soon as I stop streaming (watching old film noir movies)

The reason I didn't notice this glitch till now was because I also have the menus on a hotkey.

Film finished and 7 seems to be the one :smiley:

? So it changes? You want help with the xdotool solution?

Seems to be static at 7, survived 3 reboots, so no.

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