Bspwm install won't go live

When booting on the usb I go to CLI installer setup (just like in the architect iso) and can't get to the graphical live session.

What happens when you log in at tty1?

Bspwm edition doesn't have display manager, it should just automatically start graphical session if you log in in the first tty.

Everything happens as if I had an architect iso !

So you get a zsh prompt after login? Run the command


And post the output of the error message if you get any.

x: command not found

Are you by any chance having bash prompt instead of zsh?

Try running first zsh, then x

Yes I do !

Okay. That is quite weird.

Run zsh, then x. Or in bash, run startx.

after running startx

twn command not found
xterm command not found
xclock command not found
xinit: connexion to X server lost

Okay that iso is totally busted. Either you got the wrong one, there is a broken iso out there, or yours got corrupted somehow.

Could you show me where you downloaded it? And how did you burn it to USB?

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Maybe Rufus messed up, I'm going to re-burn my iso, updates in a few minutes !

If you use rufus, remember to use dd mode. Etcher works well too.

I used dd mode !

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If it doesn't work, I'll test the iso after I get kids to sleep to see if it's the problem

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Same issue with etcher and rufus reinstall.
Will checksum

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Where can I find the hash of the downloaded ISO?

First link in my previous reply. It points to a text file with the SHA1 number in it.

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Sorry totally misread the download name !
Wrong sum !

Then download the ISO again. I recommend a torrent download.

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