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Hi, yesterday i can download the bspwm manjaro edition from the manjaro-architect, but, the rofi - menu "Don't works", is empty. Please help me with the configuration of the rofimenu file, for make it work how ever work it. Thanks a lot and a friendly bye.

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Start with reading
and copy standart from skel

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Could your problem be related to this post?

Hi thanks for the explanations, but i make a mistake with the name of the menu, not is the rofi menu, is the launcher menu bellow of the manjaro symbol. I expect a usedfull help. thanks a lot. ! and sorry for the confusion. (but i'am a beginner).

The main menu that spawns from the manjaro icon is a script called rofimenu. It uses rofi to make an organized menu. The issue you have is because an update changed theme configuration syntax. Delete the directory ~/.config/rofimenu and click manjaro icon in the panel. This should recreate the settings files and fix the issue.

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