BSPWM: shifting window to a blank workspace?

I basically want to get the behaviour I get with i3 when it comes to window shifting.
On i3, if I focus a window and try to move it from one workspace on the left monitor to a workspace on the right monitor, I can just use the same command as for moving windows about in a single workspace.
With bspwm, I've got an issue where I cannot move the window from one workspace to another if the workspace is empty.
Here's the command I'm using:

shift window

alt + shift + {Left,Right,Up,Down}
bspc node -s {west,east,north,south} --follow
As said previously, this does not work if the workspace I am trying to move the window to is empty. Any ideas as to how to get it to behave the way I want without using more keybinds?

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