[Bspwm] v17.1.7 stable isos released

And you won't find a similarly advanced realisation of bspwm anywhere on Distrowatch, it is unique, available only on Manjaro. Elsewhere you can install bspwm and sxhkd and have almost empty config files for them.

Avoiding daemons. Each part of the desktop only activates when used, and immediately dies when the action stops. On the downside, this adds delays to certain actions. Gtk themes are not updated on the fly if you change them, the panel updates only every 3 seconds and so on. But as a benefit, memory footprint stays small.

Bspwm is my most polished edition, because that's what I use myself.

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thanks for the great distro. Which one of the three editions are you using personally?

Full bspwm, but with the main menu from bspwm minimal and some things like xfce4-power-manager, polkit agent and gnome keyring added.

Great! Is it straightforward to install the polkit agent (which one exactly), the gnome keyring if I use the minimal edition. I am not pretty experienced in setting up such packages!

The easiest is to install lxsession-gtk3 and add lxpolkit to autostart.

It is. Lxpolkit and mate polkit are some of my favourites.

For mate polkit, install

 sudo pacman -Syu mate-polkit gnome-keyring

And put to your .config/bspwm/autostart

 gnome-keyring-daemon &
 /usr/lib/mate-polkit/polkit-mate-authentication-agent-1 &
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What is the best way to upgrade from an old version?

  sudo pacman -Syu

If you want to revert to the new default settings, rename your limepanelrc, sxhkdrc and bspwmrc. Then copy the hidden files from /etc/skel to your $HOME

Hi, Chris! With the last actualization , my sound and sound card is lost.... I try to fix this with my laptop and PC, reinstalling with the own imageand with the Architect image , reinstalling pulseaudio, pavucontrol, etc, but it doesn't work anything . Please, can you update and upgrade the distro? Because the problem, I had to come back to I3 quickly. But I love much your greeny Bspwm pure.... Thanks for all.

Try putting this to your autostart, to the beginning of the line that starts pulseaudio:

 pkill pulseaudio && dbus-launch

For me this fixed the issue with pulseaudio


Man this Manjaro spin flavor has come a long way since I last used it back a few years ago, happy to see it still going and evolving. I had a rough time with the finished installment of the full version of bspwm & It was on my part. Long time it's been since I installed a Linux system DE. I had to refresh my brain installing all sorts of Linux DE to refresh myself. The time I spent testing this bspwm there was no hangs, freezes or hiccups this time around as my earlier experience. I like how

you've integrated calamares into an alternative form of installment even if it comes with mate, refreshing and much more of a breeze than the classic installer. The way you have bspwm configured is excellent. Love the config, took me some time to get use to the key bindings coming from i3. I say I had a much easier time installing Archlabs bspwm. I only wish there was a 4th version of bspwm full' alongside with calamares installer like i3 does to make it much simpler and more convenient. Will

Try it again soon when the new SSD arrives for round two see how it goes.

Today I experienced issues with the audio, no way to run "pavucontrol" to fix the problem, until I tried this solution, and I can confirm that it worked also for me. Thx

input not supported, how to fix this ?? , i search the forum and the problem is monitor.....i wanna ask... is it posible to fix this with editing any file on iso....???...... and what the file sould be edit to fix this ????other distro nothing problem with this
sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my native

Maybe? I don't understand the problem

The problem is in monitor ??
the higher res my monitor is 1024x768....What file can be edit to support the res. i've no secondary monitor :D.....

No need answer coz i found da way ....just edit grub.cfg on /boot/grub on flashdrive

just one more question where setting up the mobile broadband connection (gsm) on nmtui ???

I have no recent experience with this. I would look in



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