Btrfs corruption with TLP

Reading the Arch wiki about btrfs says that there is a data corruption issue with TLP that is solved by changing
I am going to change it on the laptop but do i need to change this on the desktop? I can't understand if the issue is only when on battery.Also does anyone know if there are any similar issues with laptop-mode-tools? The wiki has nothing on it (Aggressive Link Power Management seems to be the issue with TLP) but just to be sure...

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If you aren't getting error messages it's unlikely you're affected. Check here: :

Which kind of warnings does "tlp-stat -w" check for?

Currently the command checks the kernel log for errors possibly caused by the settings for SATA ALPM.

What should I do if warnings are shown?

TLP's default setting on battery


is optimimized for maximum power saving. Try to use less aggressive values:




or disable the setting completely – see SATA ALPM.

Don't forget to reboot before checking again.

The same applies to SATA_LINKPWR_ON_AC if you changed the default setting.

SATA_LINKPWR_ON_AC is already on max_performance. Rebooting i'll check if all is well. Thank you.

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