Btw, what's the default shell on Manjaro? Zsh, Bash or Fish?!

I'm asking this because I have used Manjaro-Architect and it has offered me these three options and saying zsh is the best option and it also appears in first like it was the default one (??). I'm confused :confused:
I'm not used to zsh or fish (I'm dumb), just bash as most Linux users. Will I be losing something important if I choose to use bash on Manjaro?

no, pick whatever you're comfortable with. if you want to experiment with others later that's easy enough without affecting your default.

I tried to use both (zsh and fish) but some commands have not worked properly and also it deletes the entire word just clicking one time on backspace, I just liked their autosuggestions and colorful appearance.

I am still wondering, is there some default shell on Manjaro? I installed the LXQt community version and it uses zsh by default instead of bash and I wasn't aware of that.

the default is whatever the creator of that spin picks.

What about the official versions? Is there a default or it varies between Xfce, KDE and Gnome?




Most editions uses bash.

Openbox and LXDE uses zsh - maybe others too.

Personally I prefer zsh with the manjaro-zsh-config because it provides excellent history and nice prompts when in git version controlled folders

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