Budgie-like quick launchers on LXQT panel.

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I need you assistance here. I know it is not difficult for you experts.

I am GNOME user almost two years. But I recently switched to Manjaro LXQT since GNOME is heavy for this 'ancient' machine. Is there any way to make a task manager list on panel budgie-like, meaning you can set an icon as a launcher and minimize the app to the launcher itself???

Related to previous question, can someone briefly explain to me how LXQT or XFCE user quickly launches apps, I hope the quick launcher is not an answer. Although I see I can set quick launchers on both LXQT and XFCE, I find it ugly to have app launcher icon and the icon of launched apps together at same panel (duplicated). I may have wrong assumptions on how these DE's are meant to use since I am coming from GNOME and used to docker. Can someone shed some light on this question?

Also, I've seen people installing the dock on XFCE (which may be a solution), but I couldn't find any dock which works fine in LXQT.

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The Super key or AltF2 then start typing.

Other possibilities are applications like ulauncher or albert

What do you mean?

Open the file manager click on applications.

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Thank you a lot, I really appreciate it. When I said 'I hope the quick launcher is not an answer' I should have been more clear, I meant quick launchers on the panel, I hoped it's not how do you launch apps, because it appears ugly to have a quick launcher icon and launched app icon at same panel, you literally have duplicates (so I was asking for the solution similar to budgie-like panel).

Thank you for clarifying how LXQT and XFCE are designed for use.

I believe you can go to settings in both xfce and lxqt and launch a second panel and use it as a dock by removing what you do not require.

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Yes that's true. I tried that. Still that doesn't solve the issue of minimizing the apps explained above.

Thank you for your message.

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