Budgie menu item disappearing

first time posting, so I am sorry if I miss some crucial info that needs to be provided.


In my recent Budgie install I cannot see active menu item in the App menu, while mouse is not hovering over it. Let's check the video of the issue:

Peek 2020-07-21 16-17

The video describes it the best, but for those that don't have images allowed or animation doesn't work:

  • main panel is put on the left
  • App menu icon is used instead of default Budgie menu
  • menu is opened, list view instead of icons matrix is set
  • highlighted menu item has only icon visible, text is invisible
  • when mouse enters the list of the applications, highlighted item is visible again
  • when mouse leaves the menu window, highlighted item becomes invisible

The same behaviour occurs while applications are filtered-out.


  • obligatory restart
  • remove the app menu icon and add it again to the panel

I did not succeed to resolve this issue, can you help me with it?


I found out that the issue relies in using light GTX theme. By switching to another theme the issue with active menu item going invisible is gone, so it's a theme issue.

Marking this issue resolved.

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