Bug in Gnome dock

I use Manjaro with gnome, I used "cleanup-manjaro-gnome" and I disabled the extension "dash to dock"

The Manjaro was running smooth, until recently it gave a bug: the first icon of the dock always disappears.
If I put the mouse at the top end of the dock, the option to interact with the icon that should be appears appears.
To make the icon appear again, I need to remove from favorites and add as a favorite again, but every time the pc restarts the bug ta again.

So what would this bug be and how to solve it?


(Sorry if my English is not correct, is that my English is bad and I'm using google translator)

the dock should be like this


Can't reproduce the issue. If you move/drag the icons in Favorites, change their order (put Files as first) that behavior persists? Placing the Dock on bottom makes a difference?
Did you edited the desktop file in /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop ? Form line 115 to 124 you should have:

Exec=/usr/lib/firefox/firefox %u

and make sure is not present in ~/.local/share/applications with something different.

The problem is always in the first icon, regardless of what, in the case what I show is "firefox" but if I put the "files" in the first, the "files" will give this problem.

Moving the icon on the dock made it reappear, but I imagine it will only last until the pc reboots

I did not edit the file.

Hi @endrick I experienced this bug a few days ago for a short time, but it then got fixed by another Mutter update I believe. At least I can't reproduce it anymore on the unstable branch.

You may have to wait until the next stable updates are rolled out to get a fix, but I also could be completly wrong with my Mutter theory.

Hi pux
I also thought that the bug could be resolved in the updates.
Now I'll wait to see if the update resolves the bug

I have the exact same problem, I was searching to find if anyone has the same problem. I don't have any icons right now and the icons that shows all the apps disappeared... Weird...

Me too. Have seen this on at least one install. Just did a fresh install of manjaro gnome today, Firefox icon was there after install. Then applied updates and poof Firefox icon is missing as described by @endrick

It happened after installing a big pile of updates using pacman and on a console.

I think this also happened on my laptop but that has since fixed itself.

EDIT: Can also confirm FF icon reappeared after adding other apps to the gnome dock...will see what happens on reboot.

I have the same issue, Firefox is the first icon in my case. You can get the icon back (although only temporarily, until the bug strikes again) by either restarting the gnome-shell via Alt+F2 and r or by reapplying the icon theme in Tweaks - pick a different icon pack, hit Apply and then your previous one and hit Apply (I usually just restart the gnome shell).

Didn't survive a reboot. But there's no need to restart gnome-shell or reapply the icon theme. Just drag a different icon to the top, then drag Firefox back to the top.

Still an annoying bug.

But is not only Firefox... Is always the first icon on the stack, in my case, including sometimes the wheel to see all my programs... It's weird.

Are you guys sure its not a theme issue

I was checking right now the bugs in gnome and it looks like is solved in a last patch... Waiting for a Manjaro release...

Seems to be working fine after last batch of Manjaro updates \o/

Still with the same problem on my side... Weird... I will delete some config files and cache later just to be sure... :confused:

EDIT: Scratch all that. It's back :frowning:

Actually, now I think - probably due to the fact I did a fresh install of manjaro. I set up my account, logged in and tweaked some gnome settings, then migrated my old /home/myself folder across using rsync with --skip-existing.

So it looks like there may be some core Gnome config that got updated. It still does the bug on my chromebook. Seems like fertile ground for me to diff config between the two - but which files? Suggestions?

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