Bug Report: Brave Browser Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Bug

Hello. I am using the Gnome Edition.

The latest version of Brave, specificaly Version 1.8.85 Chromium: 81.0.4044.122 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit), has a bug in Picture-In-Picture, where when enabled results in a white window that is unresponsive. The audio keeps playing, and the browser is still usable. I tested Firefox and Chromium and they dont have an issue.

Here is a GIF with the issue:


I do not use this browser, so cannot offer any technical insight. Rather i wished to ask you if this post is simply a "heads-up fyi" for the benefit of any other Brave users' awareness, or if instead you somehow thought that a bug in a third-party application was the responsibility of Manjaro? Basically, your post puzzled me.

Spoiler: No AUR package is the responsibility of the distro & its Devs. You need to raise the matter with the AUR package maintainer, or the Brave Devs themselves, afaik.

Good morning. Brave is in the official repositories of manjaro. After looking in the Brave github page and not finding any similar bug report, I thought it might be a good idea to report it here in order to be checked if it's a building issue since PIP in Chromium works fine.

I apologise -- stupid me forgot when i wrote that silly reply that in fact i'm using Arch not MJ now. Blush.

I use the same version of Brave. I tried to reproduce that bug, but for me it's working perfectly. May be try to reproduce it with all browser extensions disabled?

I disabled and enabled all extensions. It appears to be solved. I am marking your answer as the solution. Thank you.

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