Bug-Report: Removing packages with pamac-mangager is removing other, unrelated packages [Edited]

I have installed ayatana-ido because it is a dependency of jami-ubuntu-latest. I had to install it manually because although it is a dependency (There is an error that a dependency is missing if I have no installed ayatana-ido and then install jami-ubuntu-latest), it is not installed automatically.
After I managed to install jami-ubuntu-latest, I have found out that it is not working properly and removed it.
But ayatana-ido is still left, so I open pamac-manager (I do the whole package managing with pamac-manager) and mark this for removing. But then, automatically other packages are marked for removing, too, although they are not depending on ayatana-ido and I have installed they explicitly (android-studio, for example).

I have restarted pamac-manager (I have tried that before and it didn't help) and now, removing is working without any problem. Marking the ayatana-ido package for removing is only marking this package and no other.
Despite it is solved, I keep this issue open for a while because it is a kind of bug report for pamac-manager.

Do you happen to have checked this "remove unrequired dependencies" option?

There seem to be quite a few surprises with that option.

After I get problems, the first think I have done was to uncheck this option (because I thought that that could be the problem).
But after that, the problems continued, until I had restarted pamac-manager several times.

Despite of that, "Removing unrequired dependencies" is for removing dependencies, and AFAIK android-studio is not a dependency of ayatana-ido (but maybe it is an optional dependency of an optional dependency of ... of ayatana-ido?)

Maybe android-studio has an (optional) dependency (chain) the same as ayatana-ido somewhere..
pamac seems to enable recursive package removal of dependencies with that option.
That's why that feature request exists.
Anyway, if you unchecked that one and it still wanted to remove more packages than expected maybe open an issue in gitlab.

This is why I mainly use pamac for seraching packages and notifying me of updates. I always do package changes on the command line.

I see ayatana-ido, jami-ubuntu-latest and android-studio are AUR packages.

I think although dependencies are also resolved for AUR packages, only repository packages are automatically added. I believe this is the intended behavior, since the "correct" way to install AUR packages is to build them locally in several steps.

I don't see a reason why removing ayatana-ido would also remove android-studio though...

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