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So, I have again a small "bug" which presents itself: When I go in the adjustments of Manjaro and that I want to position the button "close, increase and reduce" the window on the left, as on macOS, the menu of parameters no longer works how before. No more "section" on the left with the corresponding options on the right ... So I don't know if you see what I mean, or if it's normal?

Push the arrow. What’s it look like now ? also see if it sorts it out after a log out

It's like this https://i.imgur.com/ZUBafGo.png

After moving it to the left, try closing the app and re-opening it :wink:

I preferred to leave that, right for now, I'll see later, thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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Just did a test, this same bug is happening on Ubuntu 20.04. It goes away if you go fullscreen, but the titlebar will dissapear if you're not, appearing regardless of theme(tested with Yaru-dark and Matcha-dark-sea). Best to report it, or see if it has already been reported here.

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