Build Architect ISO with ZFS support

Hi there, I need some help from the community!
I'm trying to build an Architect ISO image with ZFS support.
I followed the instructions in the wiki and added KERNEL-zfs to the Packages-Root file.
The problem is that when installing the system with the auto ZFS partition option, the installation fails at the end of the desktop installation phase.
From the errors it seems to me that there is some module missing and so the system cannot mount the ZFS pool.
Maybe I'm missing something form the buildiso step.
Is there someone please that can write a short tutorial about how to build correctly an Architect ISO with ZFS support?

A further question is: which boot-loader do I have to select for ZFS during the installation phase? Is there some manual adjustment to do for a successful boot?

Not sure what you are doing, but zfs support is already there and needed testing like a year ago, plus a lot of discussions about it:

You should just need KERNEL-zfs and zfs-utils. Since the latter is generally a dependency of the former, you should only need KERNEL-zfs. I usually add zfs-utils just to be safe.

I see this occasionally but I have never been able to replicate it. It seems like sometimes architect fails to detect that the zfs module is needed. If I re-run the process exactly the same, it will usually work perfectly. It used to a manual process to select the modules but now that screen is not always displayed. I have not looked at that, maybe @Chrysostomus would now more.

I strongly recommend systemd-boot for zfs support. Is it much more consistent. It is also what I test with. Make sure you mount esp at /boot

While architect has zfs support the ISOs are missing the needed kernel modules so you need to make your own or use unofficial ISOs that have them.

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Thanks for your help @dalto!
Only one question: please can you explain what you exactly means with “I re-run the process exactly the same”? It means re-run the entire installation or only from a specific step in architect?

I do a lot of testing so I usually re-do the whole thing because it doesn't take me very long.

Well put zfs modules on the next official iso.

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It was suggested that kernel-headers would be included instead because of the licensing reasons. Maybe we need to add automation for building modules in manjaro-architect...

OK thanks, I will try again tomorrow the installation and let see what will happens... just to be sure, do I need to add some zfs related module or the zfs kernel also to the Manjaro desktop installation phase (when asked if I want add some additional packages) or architect will do it automatically for me?

You should not have to add any additional packages. If the module selection screen comes up make sure the zfs module is selected. Sometimes it doesn't come up though.

@Chrysostomus, Is there a reason that sometimes the module selection screen is offered and other times not?

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... Probably? I think I made some automation for that in installing the default profiles, but not for the custom installation? Git only knows now

Or you could put the zfs package on a server, next to the architect iso for example. It could then be manually(!) installed from the live image. Like:

pacman -U https://someserver/manjaro-architect-19.0.2-200324-linux54-zfs-modules.tar.xz

This would not be a license infringement.

Including kernel headers would also be fine because then we could load the dkms module from AUR.

Yes, but then you need to compile the zfs modules. And that needs the complete toolchain to be installed. I would prefer the availability of ready-to-go binaries.

That's a good idea, but I think the new iso has the package included already.

Which iso includes them? I doing something wrong?

~ >>> sudo modprobe zfs                                                        
modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.6.5-1-MANJARO
~ >>> pacman -Qs linux56                                                    [1]
local/linux56 5.6.5-1
    The Linux56 kernel and modules
local/linux56-virtualbox-guest-modules 6.1.6-2 (linux56-extramodules)
    Guest kernel modules for VirtualBox

Hmm.... The package seems to be missing. Probably on the next build then.

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when will we get new iso? the one with fixed zfs thing.
The one from 26th april don't have it.


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