Building dual boot Manjaro / Ubuntu on factory-made single directory EFI Ubuntu laptop


I've been toying with Manjaro on a VM and now want to install it proper. I've been using Linux for 15 years or so, and last year bought my first pre-installed linux laptop.

I'm very familiar with dual-booting on an older bios machine and using a separate /home folder, my needs are relatively simple, in that sense.

However, as I have a new laptop, this will be my first experience with installing on an EFI / UEFI set up, which frankly I don't understand, though of course I can access the boot windows on start up.

The current install is Ubuntu on a single directory. What I want to do is leave that installation as is and create a Manjaro installation with a separate /home directory, so I have a dual boot machine and can keep the advantages of the factory-installed OS (even if Ubuntu isn't great) in which all the function keys work a treat.

I've had a poke about in the wiki and it appears that I can achieve the above the old new-school way of just booting into the installation media and taking my cues from there (Secure Boot is already off). Is this correct?

Here is a good tutorial, even if it's prepared for Manjaro / Windows I am sure you can derive your needs from it for your purpose.


Sorry, never got back to you on this. Thanks for the reply. I went through the tutorial and the installer worked a treat. Now have a dual boot Ubuntu / Manjaro. The speed difference is huge.


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