Buying Laptop Advice

I'm going to buy a laptop I wanted to know if any of them compatible with Manjaro ?

These are the 2 laptops:

1- ASUS G531GW-AL204T-STRIX G (CORE i7 9750 H + RTX 2070)
2- ASUS FX505DV-AL110T-BLK (AMD R7 3750H + RTX 2060)

Any advise would be great or alternatives.
Thanks in advance

we can not recommend what you should buy every person has different taste and needs, check the link above what laptops are working with arch based systems.

Also, remember this:

Thanks for the reply its Just i don't know if its compatible & didn't know were to post.

For the sake of compatibility and stable usage - you need to research.

Decide if you need it for gaming or casual use.

If you want a stable system which are easy to maintain - and you are not a gamer - go for systems which is build on Intel - preferably without dual (discrete) graphics.

In any case - to make an informed decision - search the forum for all topics which mention the CPU, graphics or network especially WiFi to see if there is any incompatibilities.

Systems which contains AMD hardware and/or Nvidia graphics tend to be systems having a greater possibility of creating issues with kernel and drivers.

You acceptance level of how much troubleshooting you will do - your ability and your determination to work with such issues is also an important factor in your decision making.

The topic is not well suited for the forum as hardware purchase is always a matter of opinions and preference and they quite quickly goes out of scope. Therefore the topic is now set to close in a few hours.

There are companies who ship their laptops with linux you can look there also.

The laptop is mainly for gaming I'm planing to upgrade from an old laptop.
its mostly I wanted to know if these models well cause an Issue with the installation or wifi.

thanks for the reply

were I live they stopped import for a bit.

so I'm looking locally for a laptop.
They sent me a list of laptops they have & these 2 models grabbed my interest.

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