Cable Modem Reboots

---I have an Arris DG3270 combo modem and router. One of my Manjaro installs running Gnome desktop causes the modem to reboot when surfing the web with a browser. I have tried alot of browsers and I have the same results every time. This is the only machine that causes this to happen. And help would be appreciated.

Here is firefox as the cable modem reboots.

Try disabling Mac address randomization.

You should also check if there is a firmware update available for your router.

I know I have the latest firmware but will try disabling Mac address randomization. Thanks for the response.

You could also try disabling IPv6 on both the router and in network manager connections.

I have IPV6 disabled both places.

Try changing your encryption method to AES

Do not use a hidden SSID

It's AES already but I use Ethernet Cat 6e for my network that have gigabyte ethernet like my PC's and media devices. I just use wireless for phones and tablets.

Well this is very strange. Have you tried browsing your network from a live boot image on the problematic computer. This will at least tell you if it has something to do with your configuration or possibly recent updates or kernel changes.

Are you using an r8168 adapter on this computer.

Yes I am using an r8168 adapter. That's a good idea to run from the DVD.

Which driver are you using. If your using r8168 drivers, then blacklist the r8168 driver and use r8169. If your using r8169 drivers the blacklist the 69 drivers and use the 68.

If it works on the live boot then check which driver is loaded on live boot and the configuration files in /etc/modprobe.d

According to the Hardware Configuration both Open Source and Installed are checked. So is that a yes?

Forgive me but I have very little experience with drivers.

The other thing you might want to try doing is assign a static ip address by Mac address association if your router supports this.

Try this first.

Reboot both your router and computer after assigning a static ip.

My router does support that but all my PC's and media devices have static IP's. I set the troubled PC by MAC Address Association.

Well you've already done all the right things. Try the live boot. See what happens.

Ok doing it now. So far so good but I really don't wanna have to reload this machine it has all 8TB of my media on it shared through NFS. Looks like I'm gonna be real busy this weekend.

Is the live system using the r8169 driver

I believe so according to hwdetect.

If the live system is using r8169 then when you reboot into your Manjaro install go into MSM. In MSM untick the non free r8168 drivers then reboot. I think this is all you will have to do, but I'm not 100%sure because I use the blacklist method.

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