Caja as root (caja-admin) is not there - MATE

Having used Debian MATE before, I miss caja-admin package, which allows to open a folder/file as root just right-clicking it and choosing "Open as administrator" on the context-menu.

This issue has been treated before in other topics and it's clear that caja-admin/caja-gksu is no more maintained officially and that typing admin://before the directory-path works as well:

This is tedious for me as I prefer opening any folder as root just by right-clicking it. So my question is: why was removed this functionality?

I know about an AUR package called caja-gksu, but that doesn't work for folders.
There's also a deb package called caja-admin. Would creating an Arch package from this one cause any kind of problems? Would it be a really bad behavior to upload that to-arch-converted caja-admin to AUR?

Here's the sourcecode of caja-admin:

You do not need a deb it has instructions to compile from source just follow them

Why not just use:

sudo caja

Yes, I know, but it's not so easy for me to compile and upload it.

Because nobody knows when you'll want to run Caja as root :slight_smile:

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