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I did not think my post went through so here is my question.

The kde plasma calendar is one day behind. So today is June 1 2018, but the calendar

shows May 31 2018. When I use the tool to set the calendar is correct but

the the calendar still shows one day behind.

Yeah, nobody believed me and @cscs about it. I agree that he's a Loonie, but...

He is running Testing repos and I'm not in Manjaro, but if you are running Manjaro Stable please report this to @philm or @jonathon.

If you are on Unstable or Testing, on the other hand, I would suggest you change to Stable, update your system to those packages, reboot and see if the problem still exists.

See, @cscs?

It did the first time, but you kept the default text, so you created another topic. I addressed to your question there.

I do not understand what solution has been suggested or where it has been posted.

If I switch to Mate, Budgie, or Gnome the date is correct. What I am talking about
is the KDE Plasma version which shows the calendar on the bottom right panel.
If I open the adjustment tools it shows the correct date but the panel does not so
no adjustment is needed.

There was no fix posted. But please see my first thread on this issue, as I found the bug, and KDE has since patched. You'll just have to wait.


Thanks now I understand and will await the KDE fix.

Voila! Zee New kernel fixed da problemo!

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