Call me crazy mini i3

Since I mostly use only Firefox on MacBookAir I decided to make project called MiniArchi3.
What I do need:
music playing> cmus and codecs
video> mpv and codecs
filemanager> ranger
picture viewer> ranger, imv
text editor>vim
AUR access> yay it takes a lot base-devel packages, however
fully functional keyboard with media keys and brightness keys> xfce4-power-manager
This is my first try in VM
Screenshot from 2020-05-08 17-34-06

I think I can go up to 500 packages on real machine, I can only save on network-manager what I do not know how yet. Only WiFi nedeed.
Why? Because I can!


Looks great!
No need to ask why, being able to do stuff like this is a wet dream when you're in Windows. Good luck on your journey!


Just wondering, why xfce4-power-manager? You could script a lot of its functionalities.

I tried it on macbook last time I was not successful, it did not work as good as with xfce4-power-manager, like key brighness

Ah yes, good call, I imagine it would be a pita on a MacBook, missed that detail.

I can not go lower for now, when I removing more packages it starting to break maybe yay and its packages but it would be cheating I will need it in near future, probably.


Looks awesome!

Suggestion: give dwm a try. It's super small, and after some patching, it has more features than i3. No packages needed, just download the source code, apply some patches for extra features (fix some errors manually if needed), and compile (it takes about 0.5 seconds to compile it). :smiley:

Maybe next time, I like i3, I am trying to make working setup not minimal packages at all cost.
I like dunst, dmenu, ranger with features, zsh with features, I could go under 500 but just for the screenshot not for what I like, I need samba, music, videos, only think what can rid off is yay I do not use many AUR packages just to find something similar in repo.

I think I am done, got rid of AUR packages and using only repo, I was using only some fonts, xava, theming, ueberzug. and some other utilities all these have dependencies and have its similar in repo, will be using as it is for few days to see if it meets my needs.


if you want a yay replacement pacaur is a wrapper around pacman so is (maybe) lighter

Not really I do not need AUR support for my setup.

well then you can just remove yay and people can install it if they want

Unless I misunderstood something, I think the point of his setup is for his personal use.

No, that's on my part, sorry

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