Calling all Manjaroos! Vanity email forwarding!

I realised that various other distros have "vanity" email accounts for their community.

Manjaro doesn't have that, so I thought I'd like to do something similar.

To that end I've registered several "Manjaroo" domains and can therefore offer (free) email forwarding to community members. That is, you can have a "" email address which forwards to a regular email account.

Currently I have registered:

These could be set up as aliases for each other, used as independent domains, or we could settle on using only one.

I might take donations if you wanted email hosting rather than forwarding, and certainly anything towards the cost of domain registration would be nice - but I'm not worried about that for the moment.

I'm also not certain whether email "forwarding" counts towards a daily "send" limit. From my initial testing I don't think it does, but if this can't be done completely for free and people want to keep it then I can ask for some funding at that point:

Outgoing per day Yearly cost Adjusted
100 $48 (current) $0
500 $162 $114
2000 $594 $546

I'm already paying for Migadu's base/"mini" level for my own email so if this is needed I'd only need to make up the difference.


I'm not sure about the best way to organise this. To begin with I suspect a request via PM (with desired email address and forward details) would be the best option.

If you want to try this then let me know.

Any other ideas are welcome. :slight_smile:

This idea

  • is great. Gimme.
  • is silly.
  • should use a different domain name.
  • is something else which I've posted about.

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Which email/domains should be maintained?

  • Other

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From a privacy and security pov I would personally never forward any mail of any importance through a third party.

I like the idea, but it is more of a gimmick to me.


Well, yeah. It is a gimmick. That's the whole point. :wink:

In terms of trust - it's the same as installing my packages on your system. I might even go so far as to suggest I'm probably more trustworthy than Google. :thinking:

As for the email provider/company itself:

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Prove it. :grinning:
Also, Google does what they say they do: take your data and sell it. Trustworthy to me.


Ah, I do trust you @jonathon, probably more than Google, but I still think I'll pass on the offer :grinning:

I like the idea Jonathon, and it's nice of you to offer the service.


not a bad idea, not crazy about manjaroo though.

I like the idea but I think is too similar to seems more distinct but if we are using a .me, why not


Seeing that the Manjaroo name came from a discussion about Australian Manjaro users, maybe you should include a .au domain?

OK, I snagged and (and because).

I would but (I think) you need to be an Aussie to get the geo-restricted TLD.


This thread kind of settled on it:

and it has been in use ever since. Whether or not it's the correct term is for another thread. :wink:

Not too thrilled about the manjaroos, but manjaro.*** would be a nice gimmick ^^

And i certainly would put more trust in the Manjaro-Team than in google or yahoo or the like :wink:

And the reason you can't use a subdomain of is?

It might look like an "official" email address so it might allow someone to make requests "on behalf of" Manjaro or create spam/delivery issues.

Also it didn't come to mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with you.
Everything from 'looking official' out on the interwebs in some form or fashion to more crazy extremes like fishing regular users.

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Sorry, I don't see the point.

Whilst not entirely untrue, it is nonetheless a little inaccurate, hence potentially [mildly] misleading. It derived in a thread created by an Oz Manjaroo, but before she had ever heard that term herself. Indeed if you review that thread, you'll see that she never even suggested that option herself, merely embraced it enthusiastically once one more inspired Manjaroo suggested it. The point though is that the thread originated to canvass a suitable noun for all Manjaro users --globally-- & was certainly not intended nor desired merely to be a parochial nationalistic consideration.

As reflected above, subsequently some Manjaroos objected to the term on the basis that apparently it has pre-existing connotations unknown to said thread originator.

Aw geewhiz, one feels so proud to see their humble little thread all grown up & out there taking on the world. Brings a tear to one's eye.

I can't really vote. None of those choices covers me. I do not think it silly, nor do i have any criticism at all... tis simply that it would not be something i'd incline to avail. Not bad, not silly, just not relevant for me.

I believe those were added to that site after a "disagreement". Like everything on that particular site, literally everything has a connotation. For example, let me pick some words off the top of my head: "rusty bucket". I can guarantee those will have an entry. Just like "clear desk" or "open sky" or "sparkles and unicorns".

How very dare you!


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