Can find or install pacman! PLASMA, Dell Inspairon 3000

I am hav an having problems with Otopi and I wish to use the Pacman Installer, but I can get to install it and use it. Can I have some help with this? I already check at the forum and did get anything.

You just need to go into a terminal and use pacman. It should be reinstalled.

I am sorry, I wish to use pacman out of terminal

If you want to use pacman outside of the terminal, meaning using a frontend GUI of pacman, your options are octopi or pamac. There is also a TUI called pacui.

But if you are having issues with octopi, you could always ask for assistance.

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I just hate the interface.

I manage to get pacui and I love it, thanks!!! so much help!

I personally use pacui myself. I love it so much :slight_smile:

Remember to install an aur helper if you want to download/install packages from the aur. I personally use trizen, yay and other options are good.

You can read more about pacui here:

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a good way to install an AUR helper for a beginner would be:

sudo pacman -S base-devel git yay

as linked by @realmain, you can use other pacui-compatible AUR helpers instead of yay.

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