Can I install Manjaro on a dedicated nvme drive

Does this mean that installing Manjaro on a dedicated NVMe drive wouldn't work?

Try it if it doesn't work make another thread asking for help. Please make sure to research as much as possible both here and on the wiki for an answer to your question. Once done post a logical and intelligent help request in the newbie corner and we will be along shortly. :hugs:

No, it doesn't. You should be able to put your controller in AHCI mode even with an nvme drive.

Also i'm pretty sure that all contemporary bioses are set to ACHI by default, especially ones that use NVMe.

I personally have DELL workstation with NVMe and bios set to AHCI - no problems whatsoever :slight_smile:

So you're good to go :slight_smile:

Many of them ship with Intel RST by default these days which is basically fakeraid.

You can set them up as md devices but it requires some manual work.

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Ok, thank you all, I will just give it a try. :slight_smile:

I didn't make this post, I posted this as a question under a tutorial post. :smiley:

AHCI mode. Manjaro install on an F2FS filesystem; Arch on an EXT4 filesystem. No problems.

You'll only have an issue if you have 2 nvme drives. Fix is here:

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From the original thread.

The minimum size for the root partition is supposed to be 2TB??

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