Can I package the Manjaro KDE on a virtual machine and then install it to a physical machine?

Hi !
I have a configured manjaro kde on VMware. In addition,
I also have a manjaro kde installed on the physical machine.
Now I want to package the manjaro on the virtual machine to reinstall the system or restore the manjaro on the physical machine.
Is there any good way?
Thanks for your advice

Why do you want to install Manjaro from a VM? I don’t know if it’s possible. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this.

thanks for the reply.

This is because I'm worried about the error when I install and configure manjaro on the physical machine. So I want to package the system in advance

If you use the latest install media - there should be no issues.

But if you want to create an installation in a VM - you should be able to transfer the installation to a physical device my means of clonezilla.

  1. Run clonezilla executed inside the VM - and then apply to image to a physical device.
  2. Or create Timeshift backup and restore the backup to physical device.

Neither options - the two I thought of - will be foolproof - there may be issues with graphics - issues you cannot solve using a VM.

But a VM is a fantastic tool for learning how to solve different issues - like the recent hooks issue.

This is best done by making your own spin - ensuring what ever you need is set up using the manual configuration of the filesystems.

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Thank you for your suggestion, it did help a lot :blush:
Indeed, VM is so cool, which gives me great convenience
when I test Hadoop

Welcome to Manjaro community @satopendragon !


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thanks, I meet manjaro last year, it really cool

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If you managed to create an image of your virtual machine to install it on a physical drive, would you mind to share the steps of how you did it for other community members who might be interested in this including myself? That would be great!

of course

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