Can likes ❤ notifications be disabled?


I think I've seen a user option for disabling this like notifications :heart: half a year ago.

I liked them then but as the results of this decission ...

... they are now meaningless so I would prefer to not be notified about likes :heart: , however I can't seem to find the settings for it anywhere in the user settings tab. :cry:

Found it, never mind :slight_smile: I was looking at the wrong place or had some CSS issue so I didn't see the dropdown

Can you please set this topic to resolved :wink: :slight_smile: :grinning::grin::smiley::wink::wink::wink:

:smiley: NO I can't, users can't solve threads in General Discussion! :stuck_out_tongue:


Something learned again, thank you.

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I wouldn't say :heart:s are now meaningless... they're still a measure of a "good" post/reply. The other emojis are there to add "flavour".

(moved from #general-discussion to #meta as this is about the forum itself)

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Why don't you like users loving you then.

I do like it, but I don't want the notification, it's distracting.

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Well yes you have a point sometime i get a pm and its not on the left and could be missed so i have to check, on the other hand its nice to know friends like @c00ter still loves me. Lol :laughing:

every one wants to be loved by c00ter :smiley:

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