Can Linux get degraded with use by installing software and updates?

I use manjaro for a long time, already installed and uninstalled a lot of software, already made many updates.

First question: Is it possible that there is a system degradation, as happens, or happened, with windows ??

This is because I had a 3D game (sasteroids) that worked smoothly and now hardly even moves (??) - just installed software and updates. And using spotify (snap) the fan works a lot.

The second question is: - What commands can I use to investigate these potential problems?

I'm even thinking about reinstalling the system, manjaro xfce.

I appreciate that if you suggest doing something, you will give me the commands.

Although I have been using manjaro for a while, I am not very technical, I would like to learn it and even eventually contribute.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I would recommend to study this thread, there are shown many ideas for system maintenance:

Thank you, Wollie. I'll do that.

This can be a sign that the hardware gets higher temperatures. That can be caused by dust and bad connectors.

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Yes, it is possible, bogdancovaciu.

But it will be possible to know if the application has a problem. Spotify, I installed it as a snap and not from AUR. The snaps works okey in manjaro? Or have some issues?

You can run the applications from terminal and see if trows any major error, or hangs, then check if has high CPU usage.

Ok. Thank you.

What kernel series are you on currently?

What kernel were you on the last time your system was running nicely?

Just throwing some possibilities into the mix.

I am using 4,19.85-1. I have not changed, but there may have been an update.
I am also using a non-free version of the nvidia driver, because in time to use libreoffice impress, it would break.

No because of its fundamentally different approach. Unlike Windows, Linux only gets faster :wink:

This game seems to be dead in terms of development and the last build on Arch is from 2017. So there's a chance that it will break with newer software, libs, drivers etc.

If it's not a hardware problem and you have a backup, you could try to roll back the system to see if the regression is gone as we currently don't have any indication of where the issue is.
This is just speculation, but maybe the game just needs a rebuild.

If you don't have a backup, I would recommend to make one :wink:
You can also take a look at /var/log/pacman.log to see which packages have been updated.

Take a look at this post for a starting point:

Thank you, pux.

What do you mean with "Unlike Windows, Linux only gets faster" ?

Regarding the game, your explanation seems to me adjusted. Thank you!

There is no system degradation on Linux the way you know it from Windows.
If you want to learn more about the differences, I would suggest to make your own research as this topic covers too many points.

But just to name a few:

  • No system registry on Linux which would slow down the system over time as it grows
  • Applications share libraries on Linux
  • No background processes which you can't control on Linux
  • The Linux Kernel is developed independent from the rest of the system software. ( Linux is build up modular )
  • etc. pp.

Hope this sheds some light about what I meant.

Thank you, pux.

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