Can no longer boot into manjaro 17

Hello Linux fans

Yesterday I could dual boot no problem between Linux Mint and Manjaro. No sure what happened in that I can no longer boot into Manjaro normally (Kernel Panic). However if I chose the ADVANCE OPTION in the boot menu and select fallback intramfs on dev/sdb6 I can boot into Manjaro.

Now I do not understand why this is happening and thinking there is a conflict between Linux Mint and Manjaro in the way the GRUB boot loader is handled.

Is there an easy fix for this? I figure that using TIMESHIFT restore feature would resolve the issue but NO.

First thing to try is checking the initramfs is correct and reinstalling GRUB.

Boot using the fallback initramfs, then try some of the following:

Ensure you are fully up-to-date:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f3
sudo pacman -Syyu

Reinstall Manjaro's GRUB to wherever you installed GRUB to originally:

sudo grub-install $DEVICE_YOU_INSTALLED_GRUB_TO --recheck

Ensure GRUB's menus are current:

sudo update-grub

Ensure all initramfs are built correctly:

sudo mkinitcpio -P

Hello there.

Unfortunately, even following the steps provided I still get Kernel Panic :frowning:

OK, so it's time to provide more information about your system.

Sure no problem. What do you want me to execute in the terminal. Or do you want me to note the error during the boot process?



You are using LM grub to boot manjaro.
Only Manjaro grub can boot Manjaro.
So you need to make Manjaro grub the default grub.

At the LM grub menu (your screen above), press 'c' to go to grub prompt. The issue commands.

grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release  root
grub> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Boot into Manjaro and then do..

sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo update-grub


Very very nice. Thank you for this as made my day.

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You should lock the grub version on your Linux Mint install so that next time it won't happen again... I went through this once myself!

You should not need to do this.
Presumably you are on bios-legacy.
(UEFI is not too much of a hassle)
See this for a solution.

ps: You may need further elaboration in another link posted there.

Thanks for the tip. Since it has occurred again I will definitely look I to jt

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