Can not enter my desktop after cancelin update

i got my problem after i canceling my update because i need to work tomorrow. it can enter to boot up but never reach the login screen. it say cleaning pie whatever ...
anyone have any idea how to fix this ?

Switch to the TTY (using Ctrl+Alt+Fn where Fn is some key between F1 and F8), log in and run the update again.

The message is : atomic helper error time out

I got black screen

When does this message appear?

Many people seem to encounter the issue. [Solved]Blank dark screen

I resolved it by booting from a live USB, chrooting to my installed Manjaro instance and doing the update again yaourt -Syua

Could you spill the detail command?

can you enter TTY with Ctrl+Alt+F2 or some thing else ?

I had the same problem. Check out this thread that helped me. After customizing panel, Manjaro won't boot any more

Boot system;
Press "e" when the GrUB menu displays and for the kernel you wish to use,
scroll down to the "linux" command line,
press "End" key(to get to the end of the kernel command line),
press space key/bar(to add a space),
type "3" (no quotes)
press F10.

The system should load as normal but without X.

Login as $USER (not root) and issue/type command
sudo pacman -Syu
... or whatever options' sequence suits you best.
Let the update fully complete and then reboot.

TIP: -do not interrupt an update once it has begun!

One can interrupt it while the files are downloading but once the updating begins, well, you now know what can happen, ;).

For this last 04-02 update there's not much of a point where one can stop it and resume later.

If you cannot do that for whatever reason, see jeancf's post.
( Using chroot is covered in the forum and WIKI's too. )

HTH ...


thanks for the tutorial
i was happy my manjaro is up and ready to kick again
this post was made from my x220 using manjaro linux
solid and newbie friendly forum


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