Can someone explain to me what these packages are and why they are orphaned all of a sudden?

As the title states. Please see pic under for more info and thanks a lot for your help :cowboy_hat_face:


First. Please don't post screenshots of text output. That is against the rules here.

That being said, those look like build dependencies. Build dependencies are packages that are needed to build an AUR package but aren't needed any more once the package is built.

You can remove them but next time that package is updated they will probably be re-installed.


And in addition to what @dalto said, don't use -Syuu. Read...

man pacman

... to learn why.


'Nuff said.


Oh, I didn't know. My bad!

Guess there's no need to be alarmed, then :laughing:

I'm still quite new to Linux, so you have to pardon my ignorance. If I understood correctly, the -uu command I used downgrades packages? Which is why I should only use -u, right?


Was super-useful... is this command applicable to any input in the terminal?


Yes, most terminal commands will have a man page, some better written than others.

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You could also use 'cheat' which you'd have to install...
try 'man ls' and then 'cheat ls' and see if it's good.

Actually, they often even have more than one man page, addressing different aspects of the command (or system call). For details, see...

man man


There actually isnt much wrong with Syuu ..

In certain situation you may want to avoid it .. because of particulars to your system .. or similar.

But sometimes it is needed because of switching branches or because the devs decided to downgrade a package, or because the versioning is just funny.

The 2 u's just allows downgrading.

So right now .. as none of my packages are newer than in the Repos .. I could run Syuu all day and it would just work like Syu. If I decided to switch to Stable branch (from unstable) .. then I might want to specifically pass the 2 u's (and 2 y's) to re-align with stable
(though generally .. if everything is working .. I might rather just wait for Stable to catch up to me)

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I agree with all of that, but for newbies to use -Syuu as the default method for upgrading without knowing what it does is potentially dangerous. That's why I made that comment. :slight_smile:

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fair enough

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It's just not a 'best practice' in any situation I can think of other than the two mentioned, to downgrade or switching branches. I think that's what chaps my hide the most.

Further, I dunno where this idea originated...Syuu...some Reddit post or whatever, but it proliferates Arch-based distro forums still.

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Maybe just confusion with Syyu.... and nobody yet mentioned pacman -Syyuu...
But yes, -Syu is good for an upgrade and -Syyu can help fix stuff.

I just use 'up' which currently just runs myscript which currently just contains 'topgrade' because I'm lazy. (even that is mapped to a mouse gesture because it's just so much work to open a terminal :stuck_out_tongue: )

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