Can’t Boot gparted live USB

Hey guys,
I recently installed Manjaro completley instead of Windows. Now I want to have DualBoot with windows and downloaded a gparted-live.iso to shrink my partition. I copied the iso with the dd command to my usb.

The Problem is now, that my usb is not getting recognized in the bios, but back when i had windows, it did.
So now I need help, because I cant boot anything from this usb and cant install Windows as dual Boot.

It will not work anyway, if you install linux first then Windows, Windows will kill linux bootloader anyway.

Page 43.

But how can I go back to Windows? Can I maybe format my ssd so that nothin is on it, even not manjaro and then install windows with a windows bootstick?

I already installed manjaro and need windows again

Do you have laptop or desktop?

If your Manjaro is newly installed, I would choose this option and start anew with a "clean sheet". If you have personal data that you care about on you Manjaro system, make sure to back it up before.

Later when you have installed Windows, you could install Manjaro in a dualboot.

There is a good tutorial to be studied upfront if you intend a DUAL BOOT:

Changed topic title to reflect actual issue. Booting from USB is not related to OS installed on internal drive.

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