Can`t install Manjaro notebook!

Good day! Please help me. I can not install manjaro. Here is screenshot what I see while installation. Please help..P_20180509_124348

Have you read any tutorial or guide on the installation?
What ISO have you used?
What hardware is your installation target?

I recommend you use this guide with the latest ISO version:


I use the last manjaro kde edition iso.

Is this what you see during installation? Because that'd be weird. Installation is via calamares, a GUI program, or architect, a TUI program.

Or do you mean after installation then booting up?

Please do us a favor and write the exact ISO filename you downloaded.
Have you completed the installation?
Have you reached GRUB menu?
If yes, try booting to TTY (not sure it will succeed, though) adding 3 at the end of linux command in the Grub entry (press e at the grub menu option)

Friends! Please help! I do not have any problems with ubuntu based distros while installing, but I love to run Manjaro. But cant install it. I download the last xfce, kde and gnome version (17 1 10), and I have error while hardware scan begin. My laptop runs intel i3 6600, Radeon R7 as video. What can I do with this error?
I load into grub menu, select boot Manjaro xfce, than scan began, and stops with rhis error (first message).

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