Can’t login libread so 7 error


I get this error when trying to login:
How to fix it? From grub?



You are in a "partial upgrade" state.

Read and follow:

Try with chroot

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyuu

That is most likely the issue: your postgresql has been built against an older version of libreadline. Then you received a newer version of libreadline that got a SOname bump and upgraded the package on your machine, which makes software that was built against the older version stop working correctly.

This is the kind of issues that usually happens when either you use software that you build on your own machine (for example, using AUR) or when you do not upgrade something for a too long period of time.

I cant login because than I get the error

And the posted tutorials says ‘not for encrypted drives’, mine is encrypted. Problem?

If you provided that information up-front it would save people a lot of time...

Did you try tty (Ctrl+Alt + F2)?

The screenshot shows that OP can't log in via a TTY...

Thanks, sometimes I'm blind.

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