Can´t update mpv-git


I tried to update it with octopi and I get this error:

Checking for OpenGL context support                                  : yes 
Checking for libplacebo support                                      : yes 
Checking for Vulkan context support                                  : yes 
Checking for VAAPI Vulkan                                            : yes 
Checking for EGL helper functions                                    : yes 
Checking for FFmpeg/Libav present                                    : yes 
Checking for libav* is FFmpeg                                        : yes 
Checking for libav* is Libav                                         : no 
Checking for Libav/FFmpeg library versions                           : no ('libavutil >= 56.27.100 libavcodec >= 58.16.100 libavformat >= 58.9.100 libswscale >= 5.0.101 libavfilter >= 7.14.100 libswresample >= 3.0.100' not found) 
Unable to find development files for some of the required FFmpeg/Libav libraries. Git master is recommended.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build mpv-git.
==> Restart building mpv-git ? [y/N]
==> --------------------------------

I don´t know what is it or how to solve it, help please.

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You need to use ffmpeg-git


I already have installed ffmpeg of manjaro, should I uninstall it and install git version?

If you want to use mpv-git, yes.

mpv-git is looking for the ffmpeg version that is in Arch Linux. Which is just a tad more up to date than Manjaro Stable.

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Uninstalling ffmpeg ask me to uninstall a lot of programs that I use as dependencies, can I just install ffmpeg-git and have both installed?

No, but you can replace ffmpeg with ffmpeg-git. Just use your favorite AUR helper to install ffmpeg-git. By this way, ffmpeg will get replaced if you allow it.


It works now, I updated it and replaced ffmpeg and all works fine, thank you all

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It have even higher requirements, libvautil soname version is 56.22.100 for ffmpeg 4.1.4 in Arch, while is required libavutil >= 56.27.100

No because they install the same files

@MNRBN installing ffmpeg-git will be an ongoing hassle, do you really need mpv-git?
on the other side it is an occasion for learning about packging and library versions

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I need mpv-git because apparently it has support for a program I need (smooth video player). I tried long time ago to configure this program with mpv manjaro version and it didn´t recognize it, so I just installed git version and all worked fine.

Maybe things have changed and regular mpv is now up to the task. Would sure save you a lot of trouble now and in the foreseeable future..

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