Can you help add support for Manjaro for Chromebook Linux installer chrx?

Hi all

I'm a regular Manjaro user and have recently found a great piece of software called chrx to install Linux on my Chrombook (no Manjaro option so installed Fedora). There are a huge number of Chromebooks in circulation, the best guess I can find is 30 million users (2019.

There's currently options to install Ubuntu, Fedora, Gallium OS and a few others but Manjaro isn't one of the options. Does anyone here have the technical skills to be able to add support? Manjaro would be amazing to offer as an option, Chromebooks tend to have limited RAM and CPU power so Manjaro Xfce would be perfect.

I'm not a programmer but have tried to compile some info, I created a Github issue here

and found the code for support for Fedora which was added, it seems like quite a small number of lines of code

If there's any other information I can go find for anyone interested please let me know.


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Technically this is kind of a project (which is why I moved it from #technical-issues-and-assistance to #manjaro-development:projects :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thanks, whatever works best

Is there any other information I could give that might help or encourage people who might know how to do this?

Not really. Someone would have to 1) have a Chromebook, 2) know about Manjaro, 3) be on the forum, 4) want to run Manjaro on their Chromebook, 5) want to contribute to this project, and 6) know where to start.

For example, if someone sent a developer a Chromebook they could use that to develop and test the process. Otherwise it's up to someone who has a spare Chromebook to do this.

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OK, well fingers crossed a developer here has a Chromebook and is interested, there are millions of Chromebooks in the world, including a huge number of refurbished ones being made available from schools and other institutions replacing old machines (which Manjaro would be perfect for).

What other info do you think might be needed to help them know where to start?

Would be a better option to add chrome support on calamares.

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