Cannot boot manjaro after mobo replacement

Hiya everyone, Im having a issue I was running manjaro alongside my windows 10 partition. I had to get a mobo replacement and now my laptop boots straight into the windows, changing secure boot and booting with legacy mode doesn't do anything but not allow me to boot even into windows. Theres only the standard windows boot now and no booting into manjaro what should I do?

Prior to this I would boot into the grub menu and choose I didn't think a mobo swap would do this.

Any ideas? I

Did you plugged the HDD into the same SATA port number as the old motherboard? If the drive was on SATA 0 on the old motherboard then you should have it on SATA 0 with the new motherboard as well.

Try that first, that should fix the problem.

I your manjaro installation uses the /dev/sdxY for mapping mounts in fstab you need check the mappings in fstab.

Boot from a live media and use manjaro-chroot -a to mount your system and then modify your fstab to mount correctly according to lsblk block-devices

Can you change mobo on a laptop?

Try this using configfile to boot up Manjaro.
If you have a new/different graphic card, add '3' to linux line (after configfile) and at prompt, use mhwd to configure for new graphic card.

Then do "grub-install" and "update-grub".

I did not replace the mobo, I own a alienware and the dell tech replaced it. So yes you can replace it If you're the manufacturer.

I believe there is only only one port to plug the HDD because it has one sata connection, then the rest our m.2 slots that I don't have.

I'll try to make another manjaro usb and boot from that.

I'm a extreme noob with Linux and manjaro in general. So I'm sorry if I my I guess we can call them more uneducated questions cause any annoyance to you all.

I did not replace the mobo, I own a alienware and the dell tech replaced it. So yes you can replace it If you’re the manufacturer.

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Just followed the config to do and was able to boot into manjaro currently updating it now and will report back if I have the boot manager again to choose which to boot in. :slight_smile:

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Nope still boots to windows, I can't do grub install just update. And it's the same CPU and gfx

Always good to provide error message, so we know er... more.

Boot to Manjaro, at terminal, what is

findmnt /boot/efi
cat /etc/fstab
cat /proc/cmdline
sudo blkid
parted -l

ps: was old system in bios-legacy and new in uefi?

Was trying to reply and update but I kept getting a 500 error when posting my reply. But I Got it, had to do Sudo before it, now it works :slight_smile:

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