Cannot connect to the network used yesterday

This morning, I can't connect to a network which was working perfectly yesterday. I've been through a lot of 'can't connect to a network' questions here but they all seem to be first time connections and are about setting up the network correctly, or the network adaptor.

I opened the laptop this morning and the connection to my normal network (the only one) was refused with 'Cannot find Network' The network said 'used yesterday at...' so it's definitely the same connection I used without error last night.

I tried removing it and re-instating it (checking the SSID and password on my router to be sure nothing had oddly changed), still no connection.

I tried using nmtui in a terminal (as a sudo user, if that makes any difference).It too said it couldn't find the network. I tried deleting and re-instating the network connection within nmtui, it still couldn't find the network.

I've three other devices on this network, so the network is working fine. I do have mac address filtering, but a) the device in question is listed correctly, and b) I turned it off just in case a tried but with no success.

Can anyone give me any clues as to where to look next?

Search the term "disable MAC randomization". Follow the instructions on disabling then reboot.

If that doesn't work then please post:

inxi -Fxxxza

It worked! Thank you.

Any idea what might have changed between last night and this morning? I can't see me accidentally turning mac address randomisation on!

One theory - do you think it's possible that the mac address the machine was sending to the router was not the one it was expecting (when mac filtering was on), but that turning mac filtering off didn't have any effect without rebooting?

I'm asking because obviously mac randomisation is something I'd like to have (if possible) and I didn't previously experience the network instability the ArchWiki article describes as a reason for turning it off.

Your router probably refused the connection as it assumed it was an intrusion attempt. If you had Mac filtering enabled that will obviously lead to the connection being refused. Rebooting both the router and computer is usually best after changes.

Glad that worked for you.

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