Cannot connect to wifi in manjaro deepin

Hi I am new to manjaro. I found network error that it cannot connect to wifi again after network profile is deleted. It is still trying again and again to connect wifi.

I have tried from terminal as the following.

nmcli dev wifi connect 'WLP'
Error: Connection activation failed: (60) New connection activation was enqueued.

I found some others people also found the error message like above and I found the solution like the following.


But it does not help any yet.
Here is my system summary.

[wailwinphyo@manjaro-polar ~]$ inxi -Fxz
  Host: manjaro-polar Kernel: 5.4.18-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 9.2.0 
  Desktop: Deepin 15.11 Distro: Manjaro Linux 
  Type: Laptop System: Acer product: Aspire E5-471G v: N/A serial: <filter> 
  Mobo: Acer model: EA40_HB v: Type2 - A01 Board Version serial: <filter> UEFI: Insyde 
  v: 1.21 date: 09/24/2014 
  ID-1: BAT1 charge: 45.9 Wh condition: 45.9/55.9 Wh (82%) model: SANYO AL14A32 
  status: Full 
  Topology: Dual Core model: Intel Core i5-4210U bits: 64 type: MT MCP arch: Haswell 
  rev: 1 L2 cache: 3072 KiB 
  flags: avx avx2 lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx bogomips: 19161 
  Speed: 850 MHz min/max: 800/2700 MHz Core speeds (MHz): 1: 798 2: 798 3: 798 4: 799 
  Device-1: Intel Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI 
  driver: i915 v: kernel bus ID: 00:02.0 
  Device-2: NVIDIA GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M] 
  vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI driver: nouveau v: kernel bus ID: 01:00.0 
  Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.7 driver: intel,nouveau unloaded: modesetting 
  resolution: 1366x768~60Hz 
  OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Haswell Mobile v: 4.5 Mesa 19.3.4 
  direct render: Yes 
  Device-1: Intel Haswell-ULT HD Audio vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI 
  driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus ID: 00:03.0 
  Device-2: Intel 8 Series HD Audio vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI 
  driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus ID: 00:1b.0 
  Sound Server: ALSA v: k5.4.18-1-MANJARO 
  Device-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet 
  vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI driver: r8169 v: kernel port: 4000 bus ID: 04:00.0 
  IF: enp4s0 state: down mac: <filter> 
  Device-2: Broadcom and subsidiaries BCM43142 802.11b/g/n vendor: Lite-On driver: wl 
  v: kernel port: 4000 bus ID: 05:00.0 
  IF: wlp5s0 state: dormant mac: <filter> 
  IF-ID-1: enp0s20u4 state: unknown speed: N/A duplex: N/A mac: <filter> 
  Local Storage: total: 238.47 GiB used: 85.48 GiB (35.8%) 
  ID-1: /dev/sda vendor: Silicon Power model: SPCC Solid State Disk size: 238.47 GiB 
  ID-1: / size: 38.51 GiB used: 12.50 GiB (32.5%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sda1 
  ID-2: /home size: 179.23 GiB used: 72.91 GiB (40.7%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sda2 
  ID-3: swap-1 size: 5.00 GiB used: 47.2 MiB (0.9%) fs: swap dev: /dev/sda5 
  System Temperatures: cpu: 56.0 C mobo: N/A 
  Fan Speeds (RPM): N/A 
  Processes: 218 Uptime: 2h 21m Memory: 3.77 GiB used: 2.22 GiB (58.8%) Init: systemd 
  Compilers: gcc: 9.2.0 Shell: bash v: 5.0.11 inxi: 3.0.37 

I wish you can help me to this issue.
Sorry for my English.

That is normal - create a new connection.

You're new to Manjaro, and you're running Deepin? Interesting. I thought support for Deepin dropped months ago?

Yes. I am using Deepin manjaro for 3 months now. And I heard about that one.

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