Cannot detect my own wifi

Hello everyone. I am a newbie to Manjaro linux as well as Arch linux. After the installation, I find my notebook cannot detect my own wifi. However, I can still connect it to my laptop when I use WIndows at the same location. Here is the wireless card driver. Network Controller: RTL8111/8168 PC Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller network -r8168
BCM4143 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter network-broadcom-wl
Can anyone please give some suggestions or solutions to this problem? Thank you very much.

search BCM4 with forum search, maybe some of the fixes applies to you

Did manjaro detect wifi before installing (live cd mode)?

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check whether you have a keyboard button or other hardware switch on your laptop to enable/disable wireless?

also, when you right click on the wireless icon, make sure Wifi is enabled.

When I installed via live USB, I could connect to wifi. After a full installation, I logged in and the wireless networks couldn't be detected. Then I logged out and re-logged in, and problem solved. Can't really tell what happened tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all. The problem was solved

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