Cannot disable octopi-notifier, msm_notifier startup in KDE

I'm having trouble disabling octopi-notifier, msm_notifier startup in KDE.
I copied desktop files from /etc/xdg/autostart to ~/.config/autostart and set the property Hidden=true. It always used to work, evenon another KDE install. But now it seems like xdg/autostart is disabled. I even added Hidden=true to files in /etc/xdg/autostart, but this doesn't have any effect, the notifiers are still there.

I can't answer the question about to deactivate them.
but instead of deactivating them.. why not uninstall them? as they are separate package.

no problem for me
Hidden = true
no run at kde start (5.9.2-1)

looks like kde restore the previous session
are you sure to log with an empty session? not a saved one.
or to quit those notifier before to logout.
as I confirm. it also work for me like as @papajoke.

@papajoke, do you mean Hidden=true stopped working since KDE 5.9.2-1 or it started working or it works on your machine?

@scachemaille, I never save my session intentionally, nor did I intentionally set any menu to save the session, but I will check. Uninstalling them might be the final solution.

I hate sessions.

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It was set to Restore previous session by default. The notifiers are gone now. Thanks so much!
And @scachemaille you also had that suspicion with session, thanks. @papajoke, you too thanks!

I want to disable it too. If I remove it (octopi notifier), does it have any side effect?
(other than its main job)

You will have to remind yourself to update manually, there won't be any red octopus on the panel to remind you.

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Thank you. I don;t need it. As a habit I run sync database every night.

Nevermind. I tried here later and no way. Sorry.

Please dont necrobump. Especially while saying absolutely nothing.

For the others here ..

-Ensure 'start with saved session' is disabled .. or atleast removed/reset
-Set the autostart file to Hidden=true
-Backup and remove/rename the autostart file to something non-operational.

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