cannot find "manjaro-webdad-17.1.11-stable-alpha-8-x86_64.iso"

when I click any link for "manjaro-webdad-17.1.11-stable-alpha-8-x86_64.iso" it takes me to...

but I get...

**Whoops, we can't find that page.**

I guess I just need to use the "manjaro-webdad-0.1-unstable-200601-linux56.iso" version that is available on

it that correct?

I guess it would be your best bet, considering that 17.1.11 is really, really old.

I think it has been taken down by the developer @codesardine

The project was deleted from sourceforge as is a technology concept from 2017 v0.0.1 is the current testing image.

thanks for response, I thought the file name 17.1.11 was the version number, now I realise it must be the date?? since you said it is really, really old. Oops! :sweat_smile:

It is a version number, but we are at like 20.0-ish currently.

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